BBC Money

Overview and Analysis Of BBC Money

BBC Money caters for BBC Money Market .Specifically aimed at investors both Private and Institutional,we will be covering the latest from the latest regional hot spots globally to invest in to the latest industries taking hold of the market . We will also be reporting on the latest technologies affecting global business from renewable energies to banking. We will focus on the latest economic country reports that are causing investor excitement as well as looking at the latest alternative investment strategies . We will be providing a close eye on sustainability not only with finance but also providing special monthly reports on the renewable energy sector so BBC Money can keep up with what is happening within the industry.
The objective is to give our readers who are in executive and board level positions to be well informed on the latest going on globally. Our audience is made up of C level executives globally and so are directly involved making decisions on a institutional basis ie they have the power and position to invest in companies being relocated , to global purchasing , setting up in new markers or simply investing in new technologies or markets .This is what makes us unique to the business world. Through this highly selected database of subscribers and readers we will cover the latest in industry trends and extremely hot topics for investment such as Cryptocurrencies , Banking ,Fintech, Big Data, Sustainable Finance and Renewable Energies to the latest developments in start up's , technology and investor issues.We will cover where and with who to invest in . These sources will come from leading journalists who are experts in their field's. We will also cover leading Ceo interviews , as well as featured articles from leading entrepreneur's to leaders of Regional Economic Development Units as well as leading Head's of Industry.